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the solar system clock restores the moving status of three stars

Time is the most mysterious thing on earth.

Time exists because the earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the earth. The solar system clock vividly restores the connection between time and planet rotation. The little ball on the second hand represents the moon, the ball on the minute hand represents the earth and the big ball on the hour hand represents the sun. The different rotation speed of the pointer vividly restores the moving status of three stars.

The 12 golden star patterns located on different place on clock represent 12 hour scales. Looking from the front side, the ball on the pointer points to the current time.

The solar system clock can also estimate time from the side. Normal clock hands are basically attached to the clock panel, however, the hands of the solar system clock are spatial form. You can estimate the current time by observing the position of the three balls at any angel of the clock. It can reflect time is a concept of space.

Suitable for families, design studios, fashion spaces, etc.

To install the pointer for the first time, make sure that the balls on the three hands are aligned at 12 o’clock. After the installation is complete, adjust the clock to the local time with the knob of the clock movement.

Be sure to use a carbon battery (such as Toshiba) with a battery model number starting with “R”. Do not use alkaline and rechargeable batteries (such as Nanfu and Duracell) whose battery model is “L”, otherwise the machine will burn out.

















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