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WHENWATCH BRAND was founded in Shanghai in 2014. First introduced the watch series, such as Piss interesting, dark starry sky and time stop. The piss interesting watch is worn by Chinese popular movie star: Zhang Yishan and shown in the TV series “Leaves of Sin”. Become a hot product of the season. Subsequently, due to the manufacturer‘s production technology and other reasons, the watch series was temporarily suspended.

In 2018, WHENWATCH BRAND began the design and production of the wall clock product series, in which the KUNG FU TIME and the solar system clock were published on the DESIGNBOOM, which caused strong repercussions. KUNG FU TIME CLOCK was purchased by major architecture firms around the world, causing a new round of hot sale.

The core content of WHENWATCH is to study the impact of time on people and how to express time interestingly, making life easier and more enjoyable. WHENWATCH believes that time is difficult to change in the solar system. How to understand time is whether to use technology or art or another way of expression that is not yet known. It is a subject that WHENWATCH has been studying.

The next phase of WHENWATCH will focus on the study of time, not just in the form of a product, it may be a device, or it may be a research paper, as time is unpredictable, then WHENWATCH The design of time will also be unpredictable and full of mysterious future.

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