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No rush/ Take your time Clock

No rush/ Take your time Clock



放大这个时间段的数字,可以使人们精确的读出几分几秒,毕竟早高峰出门之前心中有数。这样就不用太急了,No rush, Take your time!



Most people’s life time is very similar: go to work and go to school in the morning (6am to 9am), eat, bathe and sleep after get off work (6pm to 9pm), which should be the time when the time is tight.

Undeniable. Those two time periods are when we see the highest clock frequency, and it can be said that every second counts. The design of this clock removes all scales outside this time period. Subdivide the accuracy of 6 points to 9 points,

Enlarging the number of this time period can make people read out the minutes and seconds accurately. So don't be in a hurry, No rush, Take your time!

Cherish every moment of your life, not just in stressful moments.

Sales time: end of June 2022


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